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16 Sales Cold Call Techniques That Will Take Your Business to New Heights

Happy Valentines Day! This week, we're diving deep into the art of cold calling, transforming what many see as a daunting task into your secret weapon for breaking barriers and building connections.

Here’s our amazing topics:

Navigate the Skies of Success: Mastering Cold Calls with Precision and Grace

Let's dive into the art of mastering cold calls together.

You can learn cold calling techniques and be a pro. It's like learning to fly. It seems complex at first, but then it comes naturally.

So let's pretend we're pilots, you and I. And we're about to take off on our first solo flight.

Of course its a bit nerve-wracking. But its thrilling at the same time, because of the promise of new horizons.

Today, we'll navigate through the often turbulent skies of cold calling. But don't worry—I've got a flight plan that's going to land us right on the mark.

🎯 First Step: Precision is Key. When you're on that call, Don't lose sight of your destination. Your mission is to book a follow-up, secure a spot for a webinar, or get the okay for a longer chat. It's like keeping your eyes on the smallest commitment that guides you through the clouds.

📜 Crafting Your Flight Plan. Consistency is your trusty co-pilot here. Think of your script not as a routine pre-flight check but as your path through the skies. Practice it until it feels as natural as flying itself. Remember, even the most experienced pilots stick to their checklists.

🔁 Let's Shake Things Up a Bit. Instead of starting with the same old "How are you today?" why not try something a bit unexpected like "Did I catch you at a bad time?" Be ready with a smooth detour plan. It's not polite—it's a great way to grab your prospect's attention.

 Before We Climb: Always Ask First. Before we add any throttle, let's make sure we ask for permission. "I value your insight. I'm calling to discuss something. Then, we can decide if a deeper conversation makes sense. Sound good?" It's all about keeping that communication lane clear from the get-go.

📢 Your Introduction Should Fly High. Think of your intro as your takeoff—quick and powerful. One sentence to make things clear. “My name is X, and I specialize in cutting down on wasteful spending so you can focus more on growth.”

🔄 Spark Their Interest. Offer something that gets your prospect's gears turning. Your script should be the spark that ignites, not a passive observer.

💡Rising Up: Share Something Quick and Insightful. Show them you're not navigating by the instruments—you've got the whole map. A quick stat or fact can elevate the conversation.

🔍 Echo Their Struggles: "Are obstacles like A, B, and C making your journey tough?" Include their challenges in your dialogue to show you're in this flight together. It builds trust and shows you understand their path.

Keep Us Flying: First, lay out the challenges. Then, throw in a question that opens up the conversation even more. "Does that sound like what you're dealing with?" It's about making them feel like they're right there with you in the cockpit. They help navigate through the sales skies.

📏 Getting Ready to Land: Keep Your Script Tight. Your script should be sleek and streamlined. It should get us to our meeting destination without any unnecessary detours.

Final Move: Time to Suggest the Next Step. As we start to see the runway, it's our cue to propose a follow-up call. "How about we schedule a time to dive deeper into this?" It's the critical move that steers our conversation towards a clear action.

📆 Secure Our Next Adventure: End with setting up a new meeting. "Let's mark a time in our calendars." Every successful cold call finishes with a new destination set for our journey.

And a few extra tips for our flight:

  • Be Confident: Your confidence is the engine that propels this call forward.

  • Be kind. Kindness is the in-flight service that makes the journey enjoyable for everyone.

  • Smile: They might not see it, but trust me, they'll feel it.

  • Be Direct With Your Ask: It's like the runway lights guiding us home—clear and bright.

And remember, the most important part of this journey is to be yourself and enjoy the ride!

So, are you ready to join me in taking our cold calling to new heights? Let's get started on this adventure together. Have fun and be yourself.

Once you master the cold call, you will gain confidence and enjoy the view.

The Seductive Art of Imperfection: Using Raw Feedback to Achieve Refined Success

Imagine we're stepping into a realm where not-quite-perfect ideas and strategies are not accepted but embraced.

In this world, chasing perfection is no longer the goal.

Instead, the raw, yet-to-be-polished gems of your efforts shine brightest. They outshine the packaged creativity we're accustomed to.

This is the allure of genuine feedback.

  • The Initial Spark: Embrace the Unfinished. Showing off your work-in-progress could be the spark you needed. Why?

    • It invites others into your rhythm. By presenting your ideas as evolving, you're not asking for approval. You're extending an invitation to collaborate, to shape and refine together.

  • The Move: Share to Entice. Have the courage to unveil your incomplete masterpiece. Let others see the authenticity of your sales pitch or plan in its genuine form. Show it to someone today and watch their genuine feedback add harmony to your creation.

  • The Why: The Charm of Being Approachable. When your work is complete, people might hesitate to suggest changes. It feels too finalized. But when it's still rough, that's when the enchantment happens. That's when others feel invited to co-create with you. This inclusivity increases their fondness for you. It shows you value their perspective.

  • The Challenge: Tempt with a Draft. What hidden gem do you keep tucked away because it's not "perfect"? Which draft could get better with fresh eyes? Identify it, share it for critique, and observe how it transforms not only the piece itself but also you. In this exchange of feedback, both giver and receiver evolve together.

  • The Conclusion: The Likeability Leap. By sharing unpolished work, you will become more likeable and productive. People don't respect those who dare to be bold—they're drawn to them. And in the realm of sales, being likable isn't a nice-to-have; it's a valuable asset. 💬

Share, engage, and watch your sales prowess—and connections—flourish. Remember, the most iconic artworks weren't created in a single day. Facing critique honed their courage.

Now, it's your turn to make a bold move.

book CORNER 📚
Unwrapping the PARA Method: A Personal Tale of Organized Triumph

There's something deeply human about the messiness of our digital lives.

It's a reflection of our complex minds, where ideas whirl like leaves in a storm.

But when I stumbled upon Tiago Forte's PARA Method, I realized there was a way to orchestrate this chaos into a symphony of organized thoughts and actions. It’s a book I’ve read as I approached the new year, and it was just what I needed.

The core idea that resonated with me was this: without a clear list of projects, it's like wandering without a destination. I learned to break down my sprawling responsibilities into bite-sized projects, turning over my to-do list with a cadence of small but sweet victories. The satisfaction of completing these mini-missions fueled my drive and made my long-term goals seem not just attainable, but inevitable.

Forte advises to see projects as short-term endeavors with a clear end goal, and this was a game-changer. Suddenly, my digital clutter found its rightful place, tucked into neatly labeled folders, each one a stepping stone towards my aspirations. I gutted everything in my life. I connected apps. I developed a new system for being inbox empty every day - from more than 2800 daily emails to a more sizable focused few.

And let me tell you, sharing these early-stage projects, rather than hoarding them until they're 'perfect,' has not only accelerated my progress but has unexpectedly made me more pleasant to be around.

As I implemented PARA, I found myself accomplishing more, and the feedback loop became an unexpected source of joy.

So, here's my invitation to you: find that thing you've been noodling on and share it. It doesn't have to be perfect; it just has to be out there.

Read PARA, and let me know what you think.

Has Your Car Broken Your Trust?

In this week's "Be Secure" segment, we're unlocking the truth about modern cars. They're not just vehicles, but vaults of valuable data. It's a reality that privacy experts and car hackers alike have flagged. Your car knows you, from the routes you travel to the conversations you have en route.

Here is the rundown: Your vehicle's linked features and third-party services are a mixed blessing. They provide convenience, yes, but at the cost of your privacy. SIM cards, microphones, and cameras transform your vehicle into a mobile surveillance system. Hundreds of organizations might access the data.

Think about it. You jump in and sync up. Your digital life is on display, from location tracking to live audio feeds—all ripe for the taking. Hackers could take the wheel of your data. Government agencies could be silent passengers on every trip.

But here's the kicker: most drivers are in the dark about this data deal. Without a pushback, the trend only accelerates. So, let's talk defense:

  1. Limit Connected Features: Do you really need all those bells and whistles? Weigh the trade-offs of each service.

  2. Secure Your Data: Selling your car or ending a lease? Hit the reset button. Erase your digital tracks to keep your data yours.

  3. In-car Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are convenient. But, think before you pair, especially in rentals or borrowed vehicles. Disconnect and delete after use.

  4. Review Privacy Settings: Dive into those settings. Opt out where you can to keep your data collection to the necessary minimum.

  5. Educate Yourself: Know what your car knows about you. Read up on your car's data collection playbook and play defense.

Your car is a data powerhouse—don't let it power the wrong hands. Take control, take action, and steer clear of privacy potholes.

favorite THINGS💙
Comfort and style to fuel your downtime

Soft and comfortable is the new chic, and so I wanted to share a few of my favorites. They've made the art of relaxing and recovering look refined.

Yes - I've been recovering. I started 2024 having to have major surgery. I'm on the mend now.

But these new "active wear" clothing pieces have made me feel so much better. I don't get paid to endorse or recommend them. I like to share my honest opinions like you would with a trusted friend.

Posh and comfy item #1 = Vuori's Coronado pant.

These are my OnCloud shoes and new sweatpants!

It's like a comfortable hug on a bad day. It's not the sweatpants I've had for years - I can actually be proud to open the door with them.

They are soft and sturdy, blurring the line between loungewear and luxury. They are completely appropriate to wear at home and relax - and then to grab something at the store, or go get the mail.

Favorite item #2 = the Kuhl KOMMANDO™ CREW. It's like the armor you didn't realize you needed. But its as soft and comfortable as a trusted throw you can wear all day.

I got this photo courtesy of KÜHL’s website

In our line of business, the hustle is real and the hours are long. Don't we all deserve to feel and look beautiful, even when we're not working?

What are some of your favorite things? Drop me a note at [email protected] and I'll share it in an upcoming edition - sound good?

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