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  • 🤖 AI in Sales: Reasons to Boost the Sales Team Playbook

🤖 AI in Sales: Reasons to Boost the Sales Team Playbook

Keeping pace with sales change at the speed of AI


Welcome to IGNITE! The weekly newsletter, where I share topics for sales & marketing professionals, entrepreneurs, and anyone who needs a spark to start the week.

Sure, you'll find sales stuff, but I'm also sharing travel info from road warrior a to vacation tips. Speaking of playing, you'll soon learn some wine I know.

In addition to helping you drive revenue💵💰 (who doesn't love that topic) - I'll also share some of my favorite things:

  • geek gear and tips

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You may also empathize with my life as a Dad to divas and dogs🐺. All this PLUS SALES AWESOMENESS (negotiation - performance - tips - offers - prospecting - strategy - and more)!

RIGHT NOW - Everyone in the industry is talking about AI. This week I share my first-hand insights and future predictions to help you thrive in this time of change in my weekly INDUSTRY INSIGHTS section.

C'mon - let's get it started!


Here are two innovative ways to use AI in your sales game this week:

  • Understand key trends in industries you work with📊. Use AI to identify industry-relevant data to create targeted messaging and offers more likely to resonate with your customer.

  • Pre-call planning and coaching. Share the goals of your meeting, the roles of the people you are meeting with, the type of company/industry, etc. Ask ChatGPT🧠 to test the questions you came up with for the meeting with potential responses from your customer. Ask it to help coach you through a fictitious sales conversation for training. Protect your customer data privacy and security. Now you are thinking about everything that MIGHT occur in the cal so you can be better prepared. Isn't that what the human side of sales brings?

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