Memorial Day Special

Celebrate, Remember, and Savor the Day Safely

Wishing you a safe & memorable Memorial Day!

In honor of Memorial Day, we won’t be in your Monday inbox but will see you on Tuesday, May 30th.

Here are a few things in this special edition to help you celebrate:

Fun Stuff: Recipes and BBQ tips

  1. Low & slow is the way to go: This tip is courtesy of Aaron Franklin of Franklin BBQ in Austin, TX. Franklin is a James beard award winner who simmers his beef brisket for 18 hours. I ordered some on Goldbelly after I couldn’t get some on my last trip to Austin. Try this tip at your Memorial Day weekend BBQ to taste amazing.

  2. Master your marinade: Chef Guy Fieri, host of Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, is a big believer in the power of a good marinade. I learned from all those episodes to blend sweet, salty, and tangy flavors to complement your meat. Here’s something to try from my experience that is amazing with filet mignon after grilling. Top your filet with blue cheese crumbles and drizzle with a blueberry reduction (take blueberries and sugar water, and keep boiling until it’s like syrup). Mmmm.

  3. Don't Forget to Rest Your Meat: Chef Gordon Ramsay, known for his Michelin-starred restaurants and fiery television presence, often emphasizes the importance of resting meat after cooking.

    After taking your meat off the grill, give it time to rest before you dig in. This allows the juices to redistribute throughout the meat, making it even more tender and flavorful. Trust me. It's worth the wait!

Safety Tip

If you’re grilling, swimming, or just taking a nap in the hammock, take the advice of Dr. Elizabeth Hale, a renowned dermatologist and a Clinical Associate Professor of Dermatology at NYU Langone Medical Center:

"Sun protection is not just for vacation. 'Everyday incidental sun exposure adds up and contributes to skin cancer and premature aging,' says Dr. Hale. 'That's why it's important to apply sunscreen on all exposed skin, not just your face, every day.' So, let's make sunscreen a part of our daily routine, whether heading to the beach or just firing up the BBQ in the backyard. Here's to enjoying the sun safely!"

Dr. Elizabeth Hale

Honor Those Who Gave All

We all have a connection to someone who's served in the military or as a first responder, and we're so grateful for them. But Memorial Day is a special time when we remember those we can't express our thanks to anymore. So how do you remember them? Here’s a simple and fun activity. It’s called Carry the Load. Here’s a clip about how this amazing movement, happening in cities all over America, has made honoring our heroes simple and enjoyable.

Remember, the best way to celebrate is to have fun, enjoy life with others, and reflect. Let’s make them proud by making the moments we have special!

Be safe, travel safe, and see you next week!


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