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🎯Pitch Perfect: Hit the Right Influence Notes to Deliver a Jackpot Message

Happy Monday !

Here’s a refreshing blend of insights. From the rapidly changing cybersecurity landscape to the enigmatic currents of the economy, we've got you covered. The real star is our deep dive into the art of influence and persuasion below.

C’mon - Let’s dive in!

FUEL the fire 🔥

Pitch Perfect: Hit the Right Influence Notes to Deliver a Jackpot Message

In the world of sales and business, the power of a well-crafted value selling message cannot be overstated. It's a tool that, when used effectively, can lead to extraordinary results.

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  • Takeaway: Adjusting your message to your listener's needs can make a huge difference in business and sales. It's all about how your words make others feel and the actions they inspire. It’s what turns good pitches into jackpot-winning chart-toppers.

📰 Details:

  • Tailor your message to generate buy-in and support. An audience-centric message will help you navigate past objections smoothly.

  • Tailor your message to capture attention. When your pitch resonates personally, engagement with your audience skyrockets.

  • Customize your message to deal with multiple stakeholders effectively. Addressing their unique interests and concerns is the key to their hearts and minds.

💡 Action It

  • Research your audience and gather supporting elements and data for your message.

  • Uncover what will motivate each stakeholder. Is it solving a costly problem, advancing their career, or elevating influence? When you know what drives them, you’ve discovered the right influence notes.

  • Define the exact actions you want your audience to take. When you know your end goal, you can craft your message to lead them to it naturally.

“The most important thing in communication is to hear what is not said.”

-Peter Drucker


Does your audience need all the details of your message now, or do they need the executive summary?

Too often, we’ve spent the most time on the details and want our precious work shown off a bit. It makes us feel like the work means something.

You can save your ego for later because it’s about getting paid. The first payment ensures your audience feels your message is on point.

Here’s a real-life example.

In one of my best sales calls (while I was at Microsoft), I pledged to myself I would not utter a product name, acronym or say anything except a question. I asked probably 20-30 questions so the customer felt understood.

If you move your audience closer to what they want and need - you’re doing OK.

Ask them,

“Before getting started, let’s confirm what you want to leave here today knowing…” or

“Now that we’ve discussed these points, have we met your goals for our time?”

pit STOP⏱️

Let’s take a moment and let how we tailor our messages (or not) sink in. Pause, take stock, and recalibrate through this community poll. It’s anonymous and a little fun to see what others are dealing with right now.

What do you struggle with most when trying to influence others 🤔

I can say I've had all of these struggles. Click a link and see the real-time results from all readers

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MARKET mover 🌐

The economy is definitely in an uncertain place right now. Home sales start to show signs of recovery.

The Fed funds rate is at its highest rate in the last 22 years.

Source: WSJ

Friday is the day for consumer CPI and sentiment. It will be interesting to see if everyone is still buying at the same pace with significantly elevated prices.

I paid almost $40week's pizza this weekend. Crazy huh?

I’ve always learned to pay attention to stories that are not widely reported on, so I’ve come to do my deep research.

Thompson Reuters
Myanmar supplies 70% of the global tin - and they stopped mining six weeks ago.

Here’s a Swiss business news article about the projected impact on the tin market. I’ve tracked this story for over a month on Mynmar’s stoppage of mining. I looked, and 70% of the world’s tin comes from here.

What industries depend on tin?

Electronics, food production, storage, renewablIt'sergy, automotive, and construction.

Now that the tin has stopped - what will it do to the supply chain?


favorite THINGS💙

One of my favorite thing's start almost every morning with is My Brava. It’s the most innovative and helpful thing in my house. It saves immense time when preparing any meal. It’s contributed to helping me lose 70 pounds in a year through healthier eating. Plus, my wife loves it too. We can cook small portions with no leftovers - perfectly sized. My teenage daughter is a whiz with it. She uses the app, makes jasmine rice easily, and has made some incredible dishes. In a time we all need to work smartly - this smart oven may be the only one I have in the future.

If you are a Brava user - I” Chef JPAR


OK - Here’s a bit of a scary story from the intersection of’AI and security from’ the Independent in the U.K.:

ChatGPT rival with ‘no ethical boundaries’ sold on dark web: Europol warns A.I. tool is ‘handy’ for cybercriminals.’

I found this very interesting from the N.Y. Times:

The heatwave might not be the only reason the lights could go out, folks.


These stories underscore one simple, stark truth - cybersecurity and personal security are more intertwined than ever. We can’t afford to take them lightly. Stay safe, stay informed, and remain vigilant.

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