The Power of Approachability

Sales & marketing tips for fabulous first impressions

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Introduction: The Power of Approachability

Story: Whenever I go anywhere, people tend to reveal things to me as a stranger that always surprises Joe. I have heard some crazy stories that people have shared with me.

On vacation, we always meet people who will strike up long conversations with me. I don’t always initiate conversation, but sometimes I do. I don’t have any secrets. I think that I just make myself approachable, smile, and express genuine interest. I’ll try to make a connection or say something witty if it’s someone I am interested in connecting with.

We were at a resort pool over the 4th of July break, and a family sat near us. They were sporting a shirt where my oldest is attending college. I naturally said, “Hotty Toddy,” and spent the rest of the day with them. Their daughter connected with mine, as she will be a freshman this year and undergo the sorority recruitment process. We plan on meeting up at the next football game.

Quick reminder: I love this saying, “You are not going to be everyone’s cup of tea.” Just be your fabulous self because not everyone will vibe with you. Sometimes conversations can be short, and the person is just not interested in carrying on the conversation. And guess what? That's okay! Don’t force it.

Just as in those scenarios, sales can operate the same way. Being approachable toward customers in sales can have the same effect. This approach builds positive customer relationships and increases the likelihood of successful transactions.

🔥Fuel the Fire: Approachability in Action

Approachability encompasses more than being friendly. It’s a quality that attracts people. It involves being open, authentic and easy to approach. It's what transforms greetings into connections. Lets jump into how you can nurture this quality and utilize it in your interactions.

🔝 Takeaway:

Takeaway: Approachability is a powerful tool in sales, networking, and everyday life. It's about creating connections through genuine interest and openness. It's what turns simple greetings into lasting relationships.

📰 Details:

  • Start with a Smile: As my story illustrates, a simple smile and compliment can open doors to new connections.

  • Genuine Interest Fuels Connections: Expressing genuine interest in others creates a bond that goes beyond surface-level interactions.

  • Not For Everyone: It's essential to recognize that approachability won't resonate with everyone, and that's okay. Stay true to yourself.

💡 Action It

  • Say Hello: A recent Gallup poll shows that saying hello to neighbors is linked to higher well-being. Apply this in your daily interactions by being open to new connections.

    According to a new Gallup poll, saying “Hi” to neighbors will boost five areas of your life.

  • Compliment and Engage: Compliments can be conversation starters. Engage with others by finding common ground or something you appreciate about them.

  • Embrace Authenticity: Be who you are, and don't worry about pleasing everyone. Authenticity attracts the right connections.

By embracing approachability, you can create meaningful connections in business and personal life. It starts with a smile, a hello, and the willingness to be open and genuine. Fuel this fire, and watch how it transforms your interactions and relationships.

You’re the best you there is!

🚀marketing sales FLIGHT DECK

In the world of sales and marketing, approachability goes beyond personal interactions. It's about making your brand, products, or services accessible and engaging to your customers. Here's a tactical method we used to achieve this when I worked for a boutique marketing firm focusing on tech firms:

🎯 Strategy: Customized Outreach

  • Personalized Outreach: We created printed promotional materials tailored to each customer. These weren't generic flyers but customized to resonate with the individual recipient.

  • Creative Engagement: Each piece was creatively designed to generate interest in the offer. It could be a unique visual, a catchy headline, or an intriguing question that spoke directly to the customer.

  • Personalization: We went further by using custom links personalized to each user. This allowed us to track engagement and provide a unique experience for each customer.

Make these tips yours:

  • Assess Your Current Outreach: Look at your current marketing materials. Are they generic, or do they speak to the individual customer?

  • Experiment with Personalization: Start small by personalizing an email campaign or a promotional offer. Measure the engagement and learn from the results.

  • Celebrate Your Customers: Find ways to recognize and celebrate your customers. It could be a special offer on their birthday or a shoutout on social media. Make them feel special.

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