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Beat the Market Blues: Sales Courage in Tough Times

Your guide to finding opportunity, turning rejection into fuel, and building unshakeable confidence.

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This week, we're fueling the fire of sales courage! Get ready to conquer rejection, navigate market chaos, and discover the hidden power of asking the right questions. Let's go...

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Embracing Courage in Sales

Sales isn’t for the faint-hearted. It’s about creativity, resilience, and the audacity to venture into uncharted territories.


Because when sales professionals choose courage over complacency, they stand out—they leave a mark. Exceptional salespeople aren't just remembered for their pitches and willingness to do what others won’t.

In this segment, we explore cutting-edge sales techniques and strategies to boost revenue growth and empower you to conquer fear and reject defeat.


Courage in sales is about shifting perspective and embracing risks as opportunities. It’s about asking "Why not?" when facing seemingly insurmountable challenges—just like when I pitched a version of IBM’s own product back to them, leading to an unexpected yet fruitful partnership.

📰 Details:

  • Asking "Why Not?": The audacity to challenge the status quo can open doors previously thought closed.

  • Taking Calculated Risks: With a deep understanding of your industry and customers, what seems risky becomes a measured, strategic decision.

  • Being Vulnerable: True courage in sales involves showing your authentic self and making genuine connections that go beyond transactions.

💡 Action It:

  • Knowledge is Power: Continually deepen your understanding of your market and customers. The more informed you are, the braver your decisions will be.

  • Learn from Failures: Each rejection is a stepping stone to your next success. Analyze and learn from each to refine your approach.

  • Small Steps, Giant Leaps: Start with small acts of courage. Challenge yourself daily to step out of your comfort zone. This could be reaching out to a new client segment, trying out a new pitch, or following up on a long-shot lead.

Ready to transform your sales approach? This week, pick one area where you can be braver, apply one of our strategies, and watch as new doors open.

Share your stories of courage with us, and let’s inspire the entire IGNITE community!

The Neuroscience of Rejection: Training Your Brain for Sales

Rejection in sales? Ouch! It's not just an ego blow – your brain literally processes it like getting punched. That makes it hard to stay motivated, but there's a fix. Understanding how your brain works lets you hack the system, turning every "no" into a step closer to a "yes."

Neuroscience shows the same areas that deal with pain light up when we get turned down. This explains why a 'no' can make us freeze or lash out. But just like pilots train for emergencies, we can train our brains to react better.

Your Brain's Automatic Response: Fight, Flight, or Freeze

Buying signals fade, and a prospect gets quiet...take a deep breath. That rush of 'pain signals' is your brain misinterpreting the situation.

  • Deep Breath, New Script: Tell yourself, 'This is likely about them, not my offer.' Instead of going silent or defensive, slow your voice, get genuinely curious. "Buying signals fade, a prospect gets quiet...take a deep breath. That rush of 'pain signals' is your brain misinterpreting the situation.

  • Turn On The Curiosity Switch: "Instead of going silent or defensive, slow your voice, get genuinely curious. Try: 'Would you mind sharing what gaps we'd have needed to fill to earn your business?' This flips your brain into problem-solving mode, not pain mode."

Your Sales Pre-Flight Check

  • Resilience Mindset Shift: Imagine a "no" is just turbulence; course correction is needed, not a crash.

  • Self-Compassion Reframe: Treat yourself like you'd treat a rookie copilot – mistakes are how you learn.

  • Mindfulness Practice: 5 minutes of "radar" meditation to spot negative self-talk before it hijacks your sales call.

Putting it Into Practice

This week, just pick ONE technique to try. Share what happens with your team – that support is how we improve our flight skills.

💡Pro Tip: When you use that curiosity question, sometimes what you learn will actually get you a sale later! Rejections can turn into opportunities when you train your brain to spot the difference.

Let me know if you'd like help finding resources on those mindfulness techniques – they're a game-changer for staying calm under pressure!

For further reading:

  • Dr. Kristin Neff's work on self-compassion (https://self-compassion.org/) – it's a well-respected resource!

  • Mindfulness: Headspace (https://www.headspace.com/) is a good starting point for helping you, and their app is pretty useful for putting this into practice, especially if you want to work on getting better sleep.

  • Learn how to optimize your Neurocycles with Dr. Caroline Leaf https://drleaf.com/

Be Courageous Together

MARKET mover 🌐
War, inflation, and more: Bringing sales calm to the market chaos

Your phone's buzzing with clients tightening budgets and deals getting delayed...indefinitely. It's tempting to just hunker down, but that's a recipe for disaster.

This week, it's time for a different kind of sales courage.

I'll show you how to turn these market shifts to your advantage: finding new buyers in sectors hit HARD by supply chain disruptions and rising shipping costs, shifting your pitch to speak directly to today's anxieties, and building trust when everyone else seems to be panicking.

B2B Knowledge Bombs:

  • Understanding & Leveraging Market Shifts:

    • Spotting Opportunities: When the usual business landscape shifts, it's not just a challenge but an opportunity. For instance, increased energy costs could lead to a higher demand for energy-efficient solutions.

    • Reframe your pitch: Focus on solutions that deliver measurable ROI, especially in the face of budget cuts.

    • Education and Reassurance: Use your expertise to educate clients on how your products or services can provide stability or cost savings during uncertain times.

    • Target New Decision-Makers: Economic shifts mean new people might hold the purse strings. Research who has buying power NOW.

  • Strategic Boldness:

    • Be bold: Hunt for new buyers in hard-hit sectors, tailor your offerings to solve urgent problems and turn competitor weakness into your win.

  • Building Trust:

    • Transparency: Be honest about what your products/services can and cannot do. Trust built on transparency breeds customer loyalty during crises.

    • Strong Relationships: Double down on relationship-building. When markets are unstable, a strong network can lead to new opportunities through referrals and partnerships.

    • Emphasize Partnership: B2B clients want solutions that will weather this storm WITH them. Demonstrate long-term commitment.

For further reading:

PITCH points🎯
Harnessing the Power of Courageous Discovery

This week's focus on courage brings us to an inspiring story from one of our readers, demonstrating the transformative power of courageous discovery during sales pitches. Let's dive into how courage turned a potentially lost deal into a promising opportunity:

Before: Sarah L. was hitting a wall with a prospect. The usual sales signals faded, and the deal seemed hopelessly stalled.

Action: Drawing on our Flight Deck training, Sarah took a breath and shifted gears. Instead of going silent, she asked: "Would you mind sharing what gaps we'd have needed to fill to earn your business?"

After: It turns out that the prospect's hesitation was budget-related, NOT a lack of interest in the solution! That seemingly dead deal is now back on track, all thanks to Sarah's courage to ask a different kind of question.

💡 Call to Action: Feeling stuck with a prospect who seems to be pulling away?

Try asking, “Can you help me understand what’s holding us back from moving forward?” 

This question invites your prospect to open up about any reservations or obstacles they might be facing, and shows your commitment to addressing their needs. Use this approach to rediscover momentum in stalled conversations this week – the responses might just surprise you!

Additional Insight: Notice how Sarah didn't get defensive but was genuinely curious—that builds trust even when the deal's in trouble.

Sarah's story is a testament to the power of asking the right questions at the right time.

It's not just about keeping the conversation going; it's about steering it in a direction that opens up new possibilities.

This week, let's channel our inner courage, ask the hard questions, and watch as new doors swing open in our sales journeys

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