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  • ⏳The Silent Sales Killer: Your Outdated Skill Set

⏳The Silent Sales Killer: Your Outdated Skill Set

Adapting to the New Game: How Modern Skills Drive Sales Success in Today's Landscape


ALERT - friend - Here’s essential information. The struggle is REAL!

Are you finding it more demanding these days to land sales? Feel like you're constantly pulling rabbits out of your hat to stay in the game?🎩🐇

Well, it's not enough to have basic skills anymore - we need to keep evolving and upskilling. The game is high-stakes, and the rules are changing rapidly - and we have some ways to help - so read on…

Every third salesperson I talk to is on a performance plan. But instead of blaming them, we should ask - are we equipping them to deal with the modern sales landscape? 💡

SALES SPOTLIGHT:🚀 Basic Skills Aren't So Basic Anymore!

Top Takeaways:

🎯 Classic sales skills are just the starting point. And sadly, many salespeople lack this base. Nearly 70% of all salespeople say they have not received any formal training in sales – instead, they describe themselves as “self-taught social sellers”.

🎯 With economic shifts, we can no longer hide behind a strong economy. We've got to prove our worth at every turn.

🎯 Today's sales isn't just about selling; it's about solving problems, building relationships, and using tech like a boss. Sellers are sitting on the sidelines waiting for AI to take their jobs - and it will unless they learn how to wield it like a battle axe.

Make it Actionable:

🔥 Review your skills: Check your sales skills and find any gaps. This will help you know where to focus your learning.

🔥 Keep learning: Invest in sales training and create a culture where learning is routine.

Remember, we're here to win, and the game is changing. Time to adapt, innovate, and excel! 🚀🔥🎯

And now to my sales leaders out there,

Sales training can seem daunting, but trust me, it’s the lifeblood of your sales organization's health. On an individual level, sales training can boost sales representatives’ performance by an average of 20%. Who couldn’t use a 20% uplift right now?

In my book, Billion Dollar Sales Secrets, I packed three decades of sales wisdom into critical insights. Imagine over 1800 post-it notes, each inked with wisdom from selling through highs and lows, navigating complex sales scenarios, and earning recognition in prominent sales books.

My manuscript hit 60,000 words before my editor condensed it to a third of its size, leaving powerful, practical advice.

The feedback? People wanted more insights, stories, and lessons from my journey. This ignited a new venture for me - Sales Training. I was part of the group profile for the Challenger Sale and also appeared in Megadeal Secrets - so it seemed like a natural step.

Remember, a great sales team doesn't just happen. It takes hard work, guidance, and constant learning.

Training isn't a one-and-done deal. It needs reinforcing through practice, testing, follow-ups, and feedback.

If you simulated your toughest customer scenario before the actual meeting, wouldn’t you feel better prepared?

When preparing to pitch to a Fortune 10 customer, I spent 40 days refining my offer and our pitch. I was ready when I exhausted every bit of collaboration, preparation, and mentoring. We won the business, and it changed our business.

How do you prep?

The Misconception About Sales Training 🚫

Often, training is the first thing cut when budgets tighten. But think about it: Can you afford to let your skills stagnate while your customers evolve?

It’s time to audit your skills. What are your core competencies? How do these appear (or not) in your behavior and actions?

Once you’ve identified the gaps in your sales skills, invest in courses and training programs to improve them. The good news is that these don't have to be expensive or long-term investments; short, targeted training can have a considerable impact.

The key is to recognize the power of sales training and make it a priority. With the right training, your team can become more confident, knowledgeable, successful, and profitable. 🤑

Sales Training: Not Just for Rookies 👩‍🎓

And don't forget, even the pros must keep learning because complacency is the enemy of success.

And if you wait until things start to slip before you take action? It's too late. 💣

I have 16 sales training certifications. Each one taught me something new, and I melded many into my sales ethos, and patterns for nailing quotas and delivering results. I’ve only had two misses as a seller - selling through good times and bad. I credit my success to things I learned from others in training, reading, and mentoring.

The point is you can learn something today that will make you a better seller and provide an insurance policy for success.

If your company doesn’t invest in you, then invest in yourself.

Today’s sales demand good problem-solving frameworks. Since you’re on the front lines, having good ways to deal with issues makes sense. Seek these types of books and courses to help you in this area.

You don’t see plumbers sulking because their boss didn’t buy them a wrench. They figure out how to acquire the tools they need for the job. Why should sellers be different?

Tune into podcasts, read books, watch videos, and take classes. And always stay curious, my friends.

Making Sales Training Matter 💡

The trick with sales training is to make it matter. Don't just let the information wash over you.

Making training matter means more than theory – it needs to get inside the heads and hearts of your people so they can see how this knowledge translates into sales success.

It’s too confusing to write the top 20 takeaways for each learning point feverishly. You are exhausted at the end of your learning with multiple nuggets you can’t digest.

Remember to ask yourself - “What’s one takeaway from this content Today that I will implement?“ Too often we weigh ourselves down with actioning every last detail and make it harder to change. Give yourself the time necessary to make change happen.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither were your sales skills.

It takes practice, repetition, and commitment.

Dr. Caroline Leaf, a renowned cognitive neuroscientist, says it takes longer than you think to make things stick. She calls it a neuro-cycle, and three will help make your training habitual (approx. Three cycles, 15 mins per day, 63 days in duration).

Don’t forget The Human Side of Sales Training 🧘‍♀️

And finally, remember the human side of sales training. Selling is hard. It's easy to burn out. Look beyond traditional sales skills to help your team cope with daily challenges. You should look into non-traditional outlets and partner with your HR team to deliver relevant skills.

Let's make sure our sales teams are equipped and ready to succeed. After all, we're all in this together! 💪🏆🚀


OK - Here’s not one, not two, but three books to help you in your selling journey. If you have no formal sales training planned, you should be reading for new ideas and putting them to work.

The Challenger Sale is one of the books I still enjoy re-reading. Before it hit the shelves, my manager asked me if I wanted to be part of a group survey. It turned out to be the survey group that was the basis for the book.

The book's core concept is that the best salespeople don't just build relationships; they challenge their customers. It helps reps focus on teaching - tailoring - and taking control. They push their thinking, bring new insights, and aren't afraid to share their views, even if they're controversial. 🎯 The Challenger Sale is a compelling read that provides actionable strategies and techniques to become a top-performing sales rep. It's a deep dive into the art of selling, filled with valuable insights that can transform your sales approach.

I recommend it as foundational sales training.

Of course, it complements well with another book I know 😄. My book takes many detailed foundational concepts and helps you develop your selling voice to help you grow as a seller. HINT: I included multiple chapters I never saw in ANY sales books I read - so you can bet this has nuggets no one else is sharing.

Jeb’s book on prospecting is the fuel to drive sales. I reference and use his tactics like “The Golden Selling Hour” because it works.


After two and a half years in development, it’s here! SPARK is a different kind of sales training experience. It’s made to stick and combines a multi-modal approach with weekly coaching. In 90 days, your sales & marketing team will have one joint sales blueprint to guide their actions that are 100% aligned with your business.


Q. Half of our sales team was laid off, and I am one of the few left. However, I’ve inherited all of their customers and work. How do I regain control of my life to make inroads with all my customers and prospects, make money, and not get laid off myself?

A. Time is your most valuable resource in sales. How you choose to spend your time will directly impact your success. Here are three things you can do Today:

  1. Evaluate every meeting you are in for the next three months - especially internal ones. If you don’t have a role to play or something to learn, you should decline the meeting.

  2. Now go and time box your time for your priorities, such as selling time. Put time on your calendar for regular customer meetings, prospecting, networking, and follow-ups. I’ll typically do prospecting in the morning, every day for 1-2 hours, then networking, regular customer meetings, and follow-ups near the end of the day. I block time to check email three times a day. Doing this puts you in control of what you value. I always tell teams to look at their calendars to see their priorities.

  3. Delegate nonessential tasks to others. You have revenue generation time and other time. Learn to recognize what will generate revenue and what won’t. The more you focus on generating revenue and align your time and focus to it, the more revenue you will generate.

Remember, results make you valuable in sales. Focus on being the best, and devote your attention here. It will pay dividends and help you weather any storm.


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