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Exclusive Tips from an Award Winning Winemaker: How to Boost Sales with Engaging Storytelling

Dive into the world of sales, seen through the lens of winemaking, where empathy, vivid imagery, and resilience reign supreme.

Good morning IGNITER! Hope your weekend was amazing.

To honor my Mom’s memory, I’ll share that she taught me great lessons I use in sales every day. She said, "Invest in empathy, resilience, and enduring relationships." All these are present in today's issue - thanks, Mom!

Here’s what’s in today’s issue:

  • 🍇 Joe's Adventures: Art of story-selling with award-winning winemaker Erik Kramer of WillaKenzie Estate.

  • 🎯 Sales Spotlight: Pre-Meeting Panic? Not on Joe's Watch. Discover His Secret to Confidence

  • 🛄 Favorite Things: Travel with Style: Joe's Wife Unzips the Truth About Her Latest Luggage Love.

  • 🔒 Security/Privacy: Don't Sell Yourself Short: Unraveling the Importance of Security Stories in Sales.

  • 📰 Industry Insights: Behind the Numbers: Are We Truly Measuring the Metrics That Matter?

  • 🎓Sales MBA: Stay One Step Ahead: Understand the Forces Driving Markets and Decision-Makers.

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Here's to your successful week ahead!



We met up with a great friend while he was in town, award-winning winemaker Erik Kramer of WillaKenzie Estates. He used to be our neighbor, we worked with his wife, and he is a remarkable winemaker. It’s one of those enduring relationships my Mom taught me to cultivate.

We listened to him share the Estate’s story. He spoke about the topography and their care to create the wine. He shared distinctions among various wines as his audience sipped and tasted.

While Erik isn’t a professional salesperson, he has worked to learn how to story sell, and his insights serve as good reminders.

He shared, “Remember, it’s not about you. It’s what the customer is experiencing.” He also uses vivid language and imagery so completely that I knew what standing on Emery Point in the vineyard on a sunny day was like.

So - How are your story-selling skills?


man behind a podium

Don’t let fear own you

Call it stage fright, pre-meeting jitters, or FEAR. It happens to everyone. You know … False Evidence Appearing Real! The question is, how are you going to contain it? Here are two tips:

  1. Change your motion - change your emotion. the psychology we're in is driven by the physiology we're in! 💃When you feel stuck, get up and move. Take a walk, work out, or dance to your favorite tune. Shift your "state," which silences the noise in you.

  2. Focus forward. You move toward what you think about. Focus on the good, the solutions, and the progress. There's no "try" here, only do or not do. Whatever we focus on, we move towards. Let's choose wisely and move towards success! 🚀

Another related tip I’ll save for later is fear comes from not having confidence in your skills…and in this newsletter, we’re about building up your skills.


Hey, it's Andrea! I must share my latest travel obsession with you - the BEIS Weekender bag. This bag is seriously a game-changer for me - it's stylish, practical, and magically keeps everything organized! And guys, don't worry. They've got you covered with their awesome men's travel bags too.

As someone who travels frequently, I know how important it is to have high-quality luggage to keep up with your adventures. That's where BEIS comes in - I recently received their Weekender bag as a gift from my daughter, who travels nonstop and has one for herself, and I'm absolutely in love with it.

This bag is perfect for a short trip or weekend getaway but is also great as an airplane carry-on for longer journeys. The lower compartment is designed for shoes (genius!) but can also double as a spot for neatly folded clothes. And the main compartment is even roomier, with enough space for clothes, toiletries, makeup, and even your laptop! 🧥💄💻 Plus, it fits nicely under the airplane seat, a huge plus.

One thing I really appreciate about BEIS is that they offer additional packing cubes and organizers on their website, making packing much easier and more organized. It's like this bag was designed specifically for us travelers!

I'm already eyeing some additional pieces from BEIS for those long vacations (hint, hint to my husband!), and I can't wait to see what else they come up with. And hey, if you're interested, I've got a special deal for you - click below to get $15 off your purchase, and I'll get some reward points. If I have enough points, we'll do a BEIS giveaway - sound fair? Happy travels, friends! 🌴✈️👜

Beis Weekender


Halfway into 2023, the overall cybersecurity trend shows that attacks are rising. With AI, attacks are also becoming more sophisticated. It doesn’t matter what you are selling or what size company you are - your customers will want to know that you are not the weak link exposing them to undue risks.

Consider these statistics:

  • 98% of web applications are vulnerable to attacks that can result in malware, redirection to malicious sites, DNS hijacking, and more. (source: Positive Technologies)

  • Poorly coded web apps account for 72% of vulnerabilities (source: Positive Technologies)

  • 73% of companies use out-of-date web browsers. (source: Statista)

  • 46% of all cyber breaches targeted companies with fewer than 1,000 employees. (source: Mastercard)

  • 62% of users have shared a password over email or text messages. (source: Keeper) 😮

You don’t want to appear on the news for negligence in a massive data breach, especially one that impacts your customers. Sales & marketing professionals should know how to tell your security story. Your customers want to hear it.


I shared a thought-provoking article I read on Vox this week about productivity. It’s a shocking headline that draws you in but leaves you asking more questions after you read it.

Do we measure what matters as business leaders? In sales, I know its very much about numbers leading to success (and the numbers don’t lie). What do you think? Check it out and share your thoughts.

Salesperson productivity

Which of these statements do you identify with most right now

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👋 As we step into a fresh week, let's strap in for an exciting ride in the financial markets. Knowledge is power, right? So, let's understand these events and how they could impact our sales conversations. 🚀

This week, it's like a financial markets fiesta, with the Fed taking center stage almost daily. 📢 Here's your need-to-know:

📆 Tuesday - It's all about retail sales numbers. These figures can be a great barometer of consumer confidence. Watch out for these numbers and consider how they may affect your clients' decision-making processes.

🏡 Wednesday - Housing starts will be in the spotlight. The housing market has a ripple effect on many industries, from construction to retail. Understanding these trends can provide valuable context for your conversations, especially if your clients are in related sectors.

📊 Thursday - A triple whammy! We've got jobless claims, home sales, and Leading Economic Indicators (LEI) on the docket. These indicators paint a picture of the overall economic health and can impact your clients' outlook and decisions. Keep an eye on these, and tailor your approach accordingly.

The WEI is an index of real economic activity using timely and relevant high-frequency data.

🎙️ Friday - A heavyweight panel discussion featuring Chairman Powell and Former Chair Ben Bernanke. Their insights can provide valuable context for the economic landscape and potential trends. Soak it in and use it to demonstrate to your clients that you're on top of the big picture.

Remember, our clients are navigating these same turbulent waters. The more we understand their world, the better we can guide them toward solutions that solve problems. 💡


How was this week's edition?

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