Is Your Sales Strategy Outdated?

Surprising Market Trends You Need to Know

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Okay, friend, let's get this week going!

I've got some eye-opening market insights for you, game-changing tips to try this week, and a story that might just change how you think about success. Plus, your weekly dose of motivation. Let's get to it!

REVENUE overdrive⚙️
Is Your Sales Approach as Outdated as a Fax Machine?

Here's what your top competitors know about the B2B buyer that you don't...yet.

They're not waiting for buyers to call THEM.  

Instead, they're where the conversations are ALREADY happening – on LinkedIn, in industry forums, analyzing website engagement data.

If a hot lead checks out your pricing page three times, your competitor's reps will be reaching out with a customized offer before you even notice.

This isn't about fancy tech or some magic sales formula. It's about respecting the modern buyer's journey. You must give them what they want: value and convenience across EVERY channel they choose.

a fax machine in use

Forget 'losing deals' – that's old news.

Clinging to outdated sales tactics in 2024 means getting labeled the dinosaur of your industry.

Those under-40 decision-makers you're struggling to connect with? They see right through your mass emails and half-hearted LinkedIn outreach.

McKinsey's recent data doesn't lie: B2B buyers are ditching sellers who can't meet them on their terms.

Think those "good enough" leads will keep you afloat?

That pipeline will evaporate when your team is still begging for demos, while competitors are closing million-dollar deals via self-service portals.

It's time to wake up: this isn't some distant future problem, it's happening RIGHT NOW.

Source: McKinsey - Feb 23rd, 2023

But this isn't a doom-and-gloom scenario. Companies that get omnichannel right are thriving.

Why Home Depot Gets It

They've nailed the hybrid model that sophisticated buyers crave. Self-serve stock checks, clear pricing transparency, AND the option of in-person help when needed. B2B can learn from this.

Think Home Depot gets this balance right? They do. And you can, too. In my newest blog post, I break down their success, along with:

-The #1 mistake I see sellers make with digital outreach and how to connect instead of repel
-Two data points EVERY sales team should track to spot buying signals early
-The 'always ask yourself' questions that ensure every interaction offers tangible value, online or offline.

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MARKET mover 🌐
February 26th-March 1st, 2024

This week, get ready for economic turbulence!

A packed schedule of global events could trigger major market swings. Consumer buying, a slew of company earnings, and more.

It's not just about stocks & bonds – those high-flying "greed" readings in the market and insider selling sprees can signal a coming downturn.

Courtesy CNN Business - Feb 23, 2024

Could we be facing a recession? Time will tell, but one thing's for sure: Success is possible in ANY market. 

These signals are your cue to tailor your pitches and sales strategies accordingly.

PITCH points🎯
Supercharge Your Sales Pitch: 5 Game Changers to Try Out This Week.

  • Tip #1: Ditch the Demo Dump

    • Problem: You rush into showing off every feature, overwhelming the prospect.

    • Solution: Lead with ONE story. How did a past client's life/business change after using your product? This makes the value personal.

  • Tip #2: The Power of "Imagine"

    • Problem: Benefits sound vague ("We boost productivity").

    • Solution: Ask "Imagine if..." questions. "Imagine if your team had an extra 5 hours per week – what would they accomplish?" Forces visualization.

  • Tip #3: Silence is Your Secret Weapon

    • Problem: Fear of dead air makes you ramble, undercutting what you say.

    • Solution: After asking a question, COUNT to 5 silently. Most prospects will fill the gap, revealing more about their true needs than you expected.

  • Tip #4: Elevate Your Exec-Speak

    • Problem: Using jargon and tech buzzwords disconnects you from high-level decision-makers. They care about strategy, not specs.

    • Solution: Translate features into ROI language. Instead of a "scalable platform", say "This supports your growth plan without budget-busting IT headaches."

  • Tip #5: The LinkedIn Message Makeover

    • Problem: Boilerplate sales pitches get ignored in a crowded inbox. Prospects don't care about YOU. They care about their problems.

    • Solution: Short and Specific wins. Example: "Noticed your recent post on [topic]. I’d love to hear more and offer a new perspective you may not have considered.”

Let me know how these work for you + any more. I’d be happy to highlight your success story. email me at [email protected] 

book CORNER 📚
The Science Behind Success

Adam Grant's "Hidden Potential" shatters the myth that greatness is reserved for a select few.

He blends research and stories. They show how regular people achieve amazing things with the right mindset and approach.

This isn't another dry, academic text. The audiobook version brings Grant's ideas to life with music, interviews, and a captivating style inspired by Malcolm Gladwell.

Grant's core message is both empowering and practical.

He emphasizes embracing discomfort, seeking honest feedback, and valuing playfulness as keys to success. They count more keys than any inborn skill.

It's for parents, educators, and anyone who wants to reach their potential. "Hidden Potential" offers a science-backed roadmap. Grant's insights are on building 'character skills'’ finding the right motivation and reshaping the systems around us. They make this a must-read.

We can all improve on improving. Grant's book is for anyone ready to break perceived limits and unlock their potential.

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